Book review for Pointe of Darkness by Paris Andren

I started reading Pointe of Darkness on Saturday and by Monday night I was finished. Granted, I may be a fast reader, but honestly I couldn’t put it down. The fact that I spent all of Monday night in emergency at the hospital, I managed to survive with this book in my hands and time to read it. I pretty much read it two sittings which is rare for me. Every chapter left me eager to read the next one.

Paris Andren writes with knowledge and passion. Andren tackles the sex slave scene in LA with compassion and authenticity. We first meet ballerina Ava DeLaney arriving in LA to become a prima ballerina and soon she becomes tangled up in an underground sex industry that will leave you turning the pages and wanting to read more. I will not give the plot away, but LA itself is a character in the book and that alone enticed me as a reader.

The darkness and brutality of how men treat women in these underground “clubs” also raises questions as a reader and a society member. The type of men that kidnap or drug these young lost souls kept on frustrating me and intrigued me to continue reading. The plot was constantly moving and the romance between Ava and Sage felt real. Sage, the protector and Dom like figure to Ava, who although was a strong heroine, underwent turmoil and pain in such a short span of time that would mark her forever. I would have like to have seen more of Ava’s and Sage’s characters and focused on their relationship more, but this is because I love romance novels and like to delve into each character’s motivations.

Throughout the novel, the reader gets a first person narrative perspective through the eyes of most of the characters. The introduction of all of these characters entices the reader to know more about them.

I recently spoke to Paris on the phone about her book and congratulated her. I told her how I loved that LA itself is a character in the book.  I feel that location is one of the key elements when writing a novel. The reader has to feel the place and time of the novel. All the characters in Pointe of Darkness have flair and a uniqueness. I told her I couldn’t wait to read more of her writing and the stories of Ava’s friends. Looking forward to reading more of the LA Series.

Congrats Paris on this huge accomplishment.


Here are the links to her websites and books.






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