Objective World

I may have had a glass of wine

but it was Christmas and my cousin

Tex was here from Melbourne. 

We nickname everyone to make 

them larger than life.

I drove him to the airport

cried for all the times

we would never meet again.
Still waiting for that day.
I may have slept in till two

in the afternoon,

forgotten to eat,

drove too fast

but nothing prepares you

for losing your baby

while preparing pancakes

for your husband.
The objective world

has all the answers:

it was your first pregnancy

(or so they thought)

it was the alcohol


-a natural occurence

-a human error

I must have cried for days

over d and c

scrape away the parts of me

no one sees.

The world only sees the skin,

what’s under

it all is what escapes,

in bits of vacuum

sucked out 

and bones not even formed.


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