You think I am a word whore?

You think I fall for poets?

(Even when they claim to not be one).


Thirteen point seven billion years ago

we were nothing

until this violent explosion

I can compare to you

and your

entrances and exits into my heart.


The high density and temperature

would have made us orgasmic in seconds.

Your big bang love is me playing the piano

without reading notes,

while you watch me and write the lyrics

to the tune. We can encompass this

origin of





and continue to expand this universe

we share

from the force of only meeting once.


You know I am not that sweet,

you know I am not that easy.

So stop believing

I am like the others.


All I care about is that undecidable element

of how an open highway

the sky

and music

can fill up my mind with poems,

but you

have that extraordinary ability

to do it with one look.





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