Your scars were open to my caress

as we travelled the world with choirs

trailing us. I swear I could hear every

song you ever played for me. We were

never inactive, our depression

enveloping us as our hearts beat

too fast when we approached

each other. Our body temperature

spiked, our breath quickened

and there was no hibernation

in our bodies when every word

you spoke captivated me.

I cannot believe you saved

my voice.

I cannot believe you kissed

me in the middle of the day.

These things happen at night,

under the canopy of the stars.

You make every time blend

into one.

It is easy for you to love

effortlessly, while I evaluate

the proximity of the moon

in accordance to my natal chart.

Every instinct I feel,

is aimed directly at you.

I care about your safety now.


And that is how I mend

my own scars. 


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