451 Press Poets March Writing Challenge on IG

Back by popular demand, the poets of @451.press are holding another writing prompt, this time for the month of March.-

Everyone is welcome to join in!

Be sure to tag your pieces with #451PressPoetsWritingPrompt, #451PressPoets, and #451Press.

A big thank you to @c.strigas_sexyasspoet and @jayzellpayne for putting the prompt together!

Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


10 thoughts on “451 Press Poets March Writing Challenge on IG

  1. This sounds awesome, Chrissy.☺ I’m sure there will be a lot of submissions. I haven’t written very much poetry at all, but I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Do we post and tag our work here, or 451 Press?

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    1. Are you on Instagram? Facebook? My colleagues are searching out the tags on Facebook and Instagram to post on Facebook. I am not part of the posting process. If you post on Twitter I will search it out though. Let me know. Thank you.


      1. you can find me on facebook 🙂 although I rarely use it, we have a facebook page where we post stuff, my other poet friends do that part. 🙂 451presspoet’s
        and my name
        Thank you!


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