crucify ourselves

Christina Strigas

I don’t know how some people meet once and never again

delete love like typos

it is a constant pain to love

the person who loves you back

who is somewhere in the sea.

i almost died and every time

i’m scared, i shatter inside.

certain songs make me cry

like a fucking baby, like the ones

you sent me.i never give up

but you

you never give up on me

i’m not 33, those years came and went

i have some numbness in my hand now

spent the day in the hospital

watching a loved one slowly die

and now going back for more

show the kids how death decides us

show my heart what love is inside of us.

you make it all better when they come

after me,

with lies and jealousies,

with hate and envy

you see me for more than a shade of plum


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