Young & in love

Christina Strigas

I saw your eyes squint in the bright sun
We were young and in love

Under the bridge drinking chocolate milk
From the carton

You made me listen to INXS for the first time
And yet I still remained an innocent

Milk turned sour & hot
red wine soothed the heartache
Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin blocked out the sun

You said the wrong things
More than the right

You stopped talking about writers & books
I went to the amusement park with friends

Friends turned on us & you ran
We never went back to that bridge

But I did
I never saw you there and I thought

It must have been easy for you
While I just make it look that way

No one knows
The dialogue between us

And how it sparked & fumed
    Lasted & marked

Nestled in my brain
I ran a marathon to…

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