It could be a musical

it could be our next weekend getaway,

but right now

the morality of this you tube video

is up in flames with rage,

as more police officers

prove that hatred and racism

and sixteen gun shoot wounds

kill another young man

for no reason

(oh, he might have had a knife)

(or it could have been planted)

or is there really a valid

reason? Seriously, this

video that is unsuitable for

young viewers

is what young viewers

are subjected to.

Friends of mine are struggling

with this hatred every day

in Chicago,

in all the cities of the free world.

Yet, when I see how humanity

proves its evil hatred ways

I want to cry

for a young innocent life


Parents and cities up in arms

the war never ends

the internal race war

that started to infiltrate

before Rodney King

during a time

when buffaloes roamed

and land created this slaugher

of souls.


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