The answer to your question
is yes.
It was on the tip of my dream
the way you weave yourself
into my unconscious
the words you use to endear me
sway me, bring me to your green side,
you know i’m there. all the other poems
mean nothing without you.
you told me this morning
how you love my beauty, art and my heart
this is the message the red trees whispered to me this morning, as I explained why the moon is still watching us.
you turn on my sirens
to all my no’s
and watch my lips say yes.
i’ll be your little red corvette
been waiting decades to hop into your car.
stop raging against the words, the world, can’t stop humanity, can’t stop gum control, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Liberals…the fight feels useless
leaves you powerless
full of anger
that needs to be kissed.
Then i see it
the lion in the sun,
and it feels right
you know how fate needs
some kind of human intervention
for clearly
i would like to see your eyes
perhaps live a lifetime
in a few hours
by the mountain
watch mother earth
perform miracles.

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