There are days when only your voice

can carry my troubles into safety.

I’m reminded of the eras we shared

it all comes back to me

in flashes,

the waves we rode,

the courts we jested,

the letters we sent,

the cab rides

we shared,

the way you told me

‘the only way to love is full of abandon

recklessness, don’t you know silly girl

that logic is useless

and reason is full of doubt’

Then somehow my words get trapped

in your mind

and my soul is no longer mine

i shall search for my lost self

and find that little girl

inside. other times i marvel

how you have taken my wonder

and transformed it

into poetic riptides.

The visuals of goddesses

of the past and present,

my Virgo twin

I should be loving you right now

but you send me your bullets

as I welcome them.

hit me with your best lines

i’m living the lie

waiting for the dream

It’s coming straight from California

my book of poetry will be in your hand

and nothing will make sense


38 thoughts on “We are the Same Soul

      1. i’m not that into prompts and writing challenges but i adore them on Instagram, for some reason trying to capture 5 words in a story is a challenge more than writing a whole poem. thank you anyway!

        Liked by 1 person

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