Hello all my amazing WordPress friends and followers,

I want to let you know what’s going on in my writing career right now. This way you can understand how insane everything can get in a couple of months.

After the release of Crush, my paranormal romance, I started working on another book, which has absolutely nothing to do with vampires. I’m not planning on writing a sequel to Crush, for those who asked. It’s not that kind of book, and I’m not that kind of writer. One book at a time, one story at a time. This new book is a modern love story with twists of erotica. It gets pretty damn hot in that manuscript…working on intense sex scenes needs some wine on the side. Not ready to disclose the title yet, but it’ll be an indication of what drives the force of the book and for you the reader, to keep on turning the pages.

My publishers: who work so hard at bringing out the best in their writers.


I have to edit the manuscript, which takes forever for me. It’s my pet peeve and I hate changing my words, somewhat like Henry Miller did, so because I tried to incorporate more poetic lines in this novel, from only two perspectives it’ll be a long editing process.

In the meantime, I am working with an incredible publishing house 451 Press, that has signed me up to create my book of poetry. I’m going a bit nuts here too, because when I presented them with too many poems, they came back to me with more editing. So right now, my incredible project manager Nicole is helping me out by selecting the poems that will pretty much make you come back for more ( the idea of a second book). The experience of working with such a hip, young company is so refreshing and makes me feel so young at heart.Check them out for yourselves:http://www.451.press/new-page-2/

I thank you so much for your constant support and for visiting my blog. Sending you some love and peace your way. It means more to me than you know.


This song always inspires me, hope it does that for you too. Live version xx

24 thoughts on “Some Wednesday hump day news

  1. Sounds your writing career is going in the right direction, congratulations. And also thank´s for putting up the links I just checked them out and they sure seem to be very interesting to maybe just maybe one day my writing might get published. Anyways, congrat´s on your work, and when you win the pullitzer don´t forget us!

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    1. Thank you for your blessings! So grateful. You’re so welcome, check out the links and please try your best to publish…start by sending out your work. You can do it.


  2. Agreed, Aerosmith’s Dream On is a source of inspiration for me, too.:) I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished, and I look forward to what the future has in store for you. Congratulations!!!

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    1. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed. I discovered them on IG where a whole new poetic world opened up for me and accepted me as well. It is amazing.


      1. You’re welcome. And yes, I couldn’t agree more, we must not EVER stop dreaming.:)
        Yeah, I read what 451 Press had to say on the link you provided. I’ll be sure to look into them further. If you can enlighten us, I’m sure we would all be most grateful.

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  3. Chrissy ! How wonderful , I’m so happy for you dear one ! You flood me with the beauty of your writing every time and now you are blazing around the world , touching more hearts with your love …hugs my amazing friend . Love , megxxx

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