Hospital love

Christina Strigas

Lying in bed with my eyes half-open
the night at the emergency
was no Saturday night party
still surrounded my painful souls
swaying from one body part to another
read one-hundred and seventy four pages
of the book I told him about
couldn’t finish that horrible trashy romance
atrocious writing and the romance was a baseball game
but my mom sat next to me
between chapters
reminisced my childhood
and I remembered the reasons I love the way I do
everything seems clearer with no sleep
at four in the morning.
So we barked about medicare
but thanked the doctor as if he was God
and my mom said
this country has gone to shits
we never waited nine hours to see a doctor
(and I was not alone).
Yet how that smell makes you feel
like you are so fucking alone
and young Chinese doctors
holding my future

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