I’ll stare at the moon

remember the vengeance

of a wanting ego.

I’ll lie on my back

in case the earth

pulls the ground

and discovers me.

I lost your grip

when you sent me to hell

but I came back

to give you what you never had.

it’s always more appealing

on the dark side

of love and lust.

it’s a tango with you

and I want you to lead

drive the car

tell me what to whisper

anticipate the deep intensity

of your poems

and heartaches. open the wounds

I’ll stitch them up.

I’ll tell you more lies

we’ll see who can lie better

from a quilted blanket

stain me with your blood

I’ll never regret my cosmos

or shots. You can make

all the world  shine brighter

by merely existing

anywhere in the world.

knowing you’re breathing

is enough

for me.

I’m here at all times

even when I’m not.

24 thoughts on “Supermoon romance

      1. when I went into my car this morning to drive off to work, my neighbor wished me “strength” a Greek expression “Kali dinami” have stregth something like that and being that he only has one lung due to cancer, I thanked him and he said, “you never know what happens” and this kind of made me cry in the car and started off my day by giving gratitude. so I’m grateful you’re somehow in it in a virtual weird kind of way that touches me. sorry for the ramble. xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Please ramble anytime my beautiful dg. That’s a touching experience and I am so grateful for you too- yes somehow we have connected through this online world but I really do feel a bond with you- my tigress 💗💗

        Liked by 1 person

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