Pretty truth

she hates it

Christina Strigas

Seems like he knows exactly which rhyme
will make a girl cum
break open her heart in secret mime
and bring out the bottle of rum
he has her begging now
not for sex
but words
she’s devouring them all in one gulp
and he hopes to unwind her knotted hair
but she has no intention of seeing him bare
as he takes out all the china
Kosta Boda vases
hoping to impress her eyes
that only want to read his Faraway lines
but he gets up off that couch
and reads to her in that seductive voice
that makes all the girls wet
except her
she hates it
she’s just a word junkie
a whore of a poetess
searching for poems
not poets
and her next fix
she craves the dream
not the bitter reality
and he can’t understand it
the tables have turned
and he’s putty in her…

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