I was supposed to meet you there. 

Somewhere between Museum Mile

and my dreams. It happened so fast,

you broke my heart in the middle

of my breakdown. I fell apart

in front of strangers, the three graces

glared at me. I almost started

smoking again when you left me

bare-skinned on my kneees. 

Relate to Mozart. Bake  muffins.

Loosen up your buttons

and wake me up.

Otherwise I’m head first in

Jack and Bulleit again

on my knees 

only this time

near the hounds

around the corner 

from the Whitestone Bridge

pronouncing myself

a true artiste

striped down drunk

in Hades’ grip.


7 thoughts on “Rush

    1. Curse me. Ugh, I thought that was so-so. Haven’t read it again, just that once I wrote it and not really sure where I was going with that poem…but I am so grateful for your visits that make me smile, DG🌹

      Liked by 1 person

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