take me in

you come at me

from all sides

the ones on the cusp

of transforming into my next

escapade. we drank with strangers

and talked about all that was broken

as if to find some truth under

the lies we sold, but nothing is

sacred. it seems that meeting

lovers at discreet places is a

thing of the past. let everyone see

what a joke facades are;

meet in the middle of Centropolis

and pretend you see no one.

what the fuck is wrong with

sliding under radars, going off

the grid? nothing for the ones

who read at three am instead

of sleep, nothing for the ones

who make love

instead of waking up.

dreaming is a thing of the past

like poems

that change with the weather

like poets

who think they are better

because academia dictates

my degree is substantial

to teach everything I don’t

want to. poetry is in

constant debate, and

yet you and I

can’t be friends.

but i’m so grateful

you took me in

and showed me

your sunset

and sunrise.


33 thoughts on “take me in

      1. You are welcome, Poetess! Your work demands comments! Though sometimes I’ll admit I don’t I can find words sufficient to express what I feel about them. One always worries about saying something is “ok” when it is “wonderous” 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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