Christina Strigas

Those arms need to be around
this waist. These eyes need to
lose sleep in yours to see if
you can truly
handle me or fall short
like most boys. My needs
are too bumpy, too rough,
Iโ€™m not that girl that leads you
to the answers.
I find my steps to nowhere
and back again. Content in
my books of poetry. Intimate
moments tucked away
for the crash landing
as I look at you
for the last time
to say hello and good bye.

Thereโ€™s a spot you missed if you want to come back.

Of course, let us pretend that I am not real
and neither are you.
I made you up
you made me up.

This soul needs your gardening
to flourish, but you have
cut off all the water.
I am stuck in a place
that begs for your faith
I run away now

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