Twenty-two minutes on the ipod


Christina Strigas


so when I get angry

I listen to my son’s ipod

and crank it up till I can’t hear the sounds

of my life

television blaring

clock pounding

kids yelling

phones ringing

dishes piling

children calling

my abundance of names

I love the lyrics

To Linken Park’s

In the End

man, he can rap from the heart

and it is REALLY rock

his voice turns into an angel’s

and then abruptly a devil’s

there is a switch in the music

it gets soft and poetic

raw and heartrenching

and it all makes sense

What’s a girl to do?

Sings Bat for Lashes


I heard the phone

my thoughs get interrupted, where was I?

oh, yes

alas, it is the voice of another of my many soul mate singers

Black by Pearl Jam

take that knife

and stick it in me now

this is the Song

need a glass…

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