messed up

messed up again

Christina Strigas

you mess up my head with poems

fuck up my life with songs

read my thoughts before

i grasp them. squeeze them

into verses. wet my skin

with some type of glory

from within. i think i have

lost the way to the rotary,

that fork in the road i

evade, that street that

blocks me from driving.

he kisses me in the dark,

turns on the lights

to see the shimmer

of my skin. he is in love

again, with every

part of my soul that glistens.

he exits and enters

like a king. i danced

just for him, twirled

curtsied and sang

just for him. and he

said he loved

my voice, when that

wasn’t what i wanted

him to notice at all.

he’s distracted with

soul mates. i’m exploding

on paper.

locked the door

and set my

soul on fire

with words.

no one here gets out…

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