20 thoughts on “still

      1. Have you read Benneveniste? “no I without you” (semantically), so really I respect your lack of transparency, and though you engaged me as a ‘reader’, I am no more informed as a person who feels that barrages have been unfairly maintained against me.

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      2. New retro! I have a typewriter, Olympus splendid 66. It work and makes quite a lot of noise, but I feel more like Hemingway when I use it than an app.. Blah blah. What’s your favourite author these days? I haven’t found better than Steinbeck over past year. Fiction tires me to think about plot, thereby be a trick to do that.

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      3. Fantastic. I miss mine. But, I feel like those days are so long gone, and I’ll leave the typing for the young generation. I lived through it. I was a teenager in the 80’s so I would type my poems! As for fiction, I read everything and I will disappoint you because I love basically all writers. From Virginia Woolf to Stephen King, to EL James. I like trash, I like smut , I like modern literature and some paranormal romance (J.D Ward, & Charlaine Harris,) In the moment, I’m reading a Montreal writer who lives in Brooklyn- her book is outstanding. I met her at a LIt Festival and appreciate her unique style. The Mystics of Mille End is her novel. A modern young writer who brings her own life experience and home town to her book. Almost finished it. And I’m reading some young poets.


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