Once you told me keep on running baby

break on through

with your words, your drive, your sexy

energy. Once you told me to stay,

don’t leave, come back from the dead,

from the people you never meet. Here I am

in all my vulnerability; everyone loves you baby,

but no one knows you. I can hold

your hair back while you let out your fears

all over the toilet. Tell me your favorite poem,

lay back and listen to the words while I whisper

them in your ear. Destroy the times of the day

with your lips. Open all my closed doors and

dig deep because the treasure is waiting. Hoping.

Caring. Singing. Loving,

No one can be as patient as I am. Flocking to

concerts, art shows, literary festivals, and

still you are not in the crowd with me. Poetry is

the destruction and motivation of our lives. Breaking

me up inside, spreading my legs wide for you,

salt sea baths under water.

It is a short song, a long sigh

a poetry book in the making

with no buyers. Who buys poetry books

anymore? It is a short poem

with tons of nuances, spices

of love to ignite some recipe

within you. I check up on nothing.

Just to see your name and how

everyone loves you. You wait for her

I wait for him. Maybe the crowd

will disappear, as it eventually does.

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