Thank you Chrissi for your amazing review. I am really humbled and touched that you liked it that much. Reading it was kind of surreal and I kept on thinking is she talking about me? Weird and exciting to read it just because you actually got most of the nuances and enjoyed the sex scenes, which I loved writing. My second book will knock you off your feet and be full of erotic scenes. Got to get to that so back soon.

Shout out to her blog:

Enjoy your day lovely people of the blog world.


21 thoughts on “My first amazon review by Christine M. Sepe

  1. Christina, I follow your poetry on your blog and love it, but somehow I missed your novel! Great review, Congrats! I just purchased a copy and will do a review. You can check out my reviewer’s page on amazon. I have a couple in front of it, but will get to it soon because I love the genre and your description and review. I also write paranormal…love it! My latest is astral projection/time travel, and even though there is no romance in the first of the series, I foresee that in the future. Do you think a modern young lady and a Colonial American from 1774 can fall in love? We’ll have to wait and see. My characters definitely have minds of their own! B00TVULOQY

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    1. Thank you so much! I will check your books out as well and read your reviews…I should reorganize my blog and advertise my book more, but I never seem to get around to it. I’d rather write poems…thank you again.

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