the styles come in threes

the kisses on my neck gone like the bitter breeze

the words you say don’t imply a thing

you are the bee with the venom sting

I am just a girl with a pocket of words

embrace your love in herds

Did you see my dreams last night?

Did you kiss me good morning in mid-air flight?

Caught a train to the viewing

sewed my heart with some syllables you were chewing

Rode your horse while you were away

burnt my poems in a binged out artistic way

Bottles of booze on the floor

of course on my knees like last night’s whore

I am never bored with the sky

with his eyes and his mystic lie

I am in love with the way words unfurl off my tongue

to trap you and leave you heart strung

Too easy for us to go down the wrong one way street

never know the signs to retreat

Listen to no one

hear the music coming from the sun.

You want to continue this charade

or dance naked to the lost parade.

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