Money or your mind

Bust open the door to get to a pen and paper

coat thrown on the floor

heart long gone as we were

shut it all out; sounds, shouts, baby come here

I have a story to tell you

as he rubs me hard and grabs hold of my fear

lay it under the tires

drive directly through the reds

in that danger zone, stop at nothing

but my clothes off

as wives and husbands have a fling

a hash-tag love affair

eating supper and hiding in bathrooms

over and over kissing all the colors in the rainbow

to get to your pot of gold.

I’m buying karma beads

gifts to my bitchy self

turquoise stones and empty pink champagne bottles

you stand back and watch me fall

pull my hair back for my drunken New Year’s Eve nightly crawl

drinking shots with no hands, knees on the floor

I could put on quite a show

dancing Greek like a pro.

Belly dancing whore, shaking hips

to your wet lips,

can you forget me?

Looks like you already have, I see.

You’re so quick,

another pretty face to eat you alive

with your southern charm

while your thousand dollar suits keep you away

from my kind of harm.
Idiotic days with titles

to remind me of how to love

or write

but I need no such prompts

pick up a pen and fight

strip to Marvin Gaye

past midnight.

You know I mean what I say

I’m stubborn that way

but the way you caress my hair

stretch out your touch out of nowhere

rub my leg with a drink in one hand.

Did you forget your money or your mind?

leave it all behind

to be free for a while

entranced by your poker smile.

I’m not like that

face it, I’m a grown up brat

writing stories

to breathe down the street

my arm in yours

watching old black and white movies

repeating lines

you’ve told me

without even realizing

how the signs were everywhere that day,

and I saw how you looked at me

when I crossed my legs.

I’ve been writing in my notebook, you see

where there are no eyes

upon bitchy me.


  1. H.M. Nolan · March 23, 2015

    this is cool

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  2. megdekorne · March 23, 2015

    Yikes Chrissy ! I loved it ! Xxxmeg

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