My eyes are not that dark

I won’t scare you away

with my aura, supposedly

you like my scent


have you read me

to the point

where the back of your throat

is so dry

that only my

mouth on yours

would quench that thirst?

Never answer my questions

you should know more about me by now

but you stopped listening a long time ago

too far to know that it is best

to keep away from my electric fence.

I need so much “space”

that cliches are my t-shirt slogan.

He reads my book lying in bed

you are not in my head, just my book

you are not in my book, just my head.

I tell him I loved him more

when he loved me less

he says

I can never stop loving you

when the dark and the grey meet

it makes my insides corrupt

bare, existential

reciting Sartre like Shakespeare

confusing my philosophers with my poets.

Do your thing and write, do your magic

and love me with your gift

give me yourself.

I can still pirouette

on hard wood floors

so many talents

you will never know

and others that get buried

under the snow.

Sleeping naked is

how we were born to be

put on our clothes

and hide under labels

undress it all

digress from poems

and music


walk in a garden, or the

streets at three a.m

where I’m most free

in the deep night

not scared of anything

even in New York, Athens,

Rome, Montreal,

the night is where I find

the parts of me

I forgot about during the day.

I must confess: I am more attracted to


than people.

In this I know I am not alone.

19 thoughts on “Electric Fence

  1. Nice cadence, I love the sensuality.
    I agree with the closing stanza, and I’ve often compared cities to people (if they were a person, what would they be like?) I’m looking forward to falling in Love with San Francisco at the end of this month.

    Liked by 1 person

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