The line up for free coffee
is growing daily up until
they too
take away the free love.
Not something I am unaccustomed to
all I crave is
the surrender to your clever ways
play me anyway
I’m game
raising flags at red lights
stopping my heart from beating
to feel yours
hiding away under the life machines
holding on to technology
like doctors
who are poets in their own way
like us
saving lives
with words.
It seems redundant to write
how you
have the words
I want whispered in my ear
you have the hands
caressing my skin
and all the other ordinary words
poetry stems from
but ’tis true. Yes.
Shakespeare is in love again.

I found these words scattered
around from six in the morning
where my notebook lay empty.
I raise my love to you
and bore you to death
with my obsessions
and that is how easily
you can forget me.
You are the air
I am of the earth.
(And this is another reason
I will surrender
for both
need each other
more than they know.
It could be science.
It could be love
it could be none of the above.)

31 thoughts on “Surrender

      1. I have a lot more followers on Twitter, but I choose to spend more time here. More writers and artistic people sharing their life’s works, less Trolls and whiners ))))))))))) I interact with my Twitterverse Friends and share across the platforms as I can, depending on my schedule of the day, usually pretty flexible, semi-retarded, I meant, semi-retired)))))))))))))))))))))

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m between both, but I know what you mean! Great to connect and following on both. In and out when I have enough of technology and I want to just pick up a book. A much needed rest is coming up for me and hence out of the loop for a while. Great to connect.:)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I do most of my work when most people are home or asleep, easier to navigate and evaluate computer based security systems, when offices are closed or low workload levels. But you’re right, somedays, I just want to grab a book in my hand and devour it. I can’t put anything down until it’s done, birth defect I think.)))) enjoy your weekend fully

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