A couple of hours of sleep

coffee, adrenaline, words

reading before my first sip and weep

trying to capture the dawn

staring at paintings of Santorini

anything but this white lawn.

Go to Target fill up the carts

don’t forget the 30% off in stationery

oh, my pens, joy, more broken hearts,

fill it up with all the empty journals

waiting for my adoring love

to inspire me, rip off pages,

crumble words.

Date with the girls

the younger girls

celebrating birthdays

more than silly made up days

and let the men

do what they do best.

Haunted by sleeplessness

moon cycles;

setting of the moods

your stories

my confessions

I can scare off so many people

with nothing but words

that have more power

than you think.

All we have between us are words

and see how many connect







tattoo words on skin

on chambers

on walls

they lay dormant for a while

sleep on this or that

about how words trick us

into believing

we could be sweet



Just tell me how poetry spills your soul

directly into mine

so fluidly.

I could love you with my eyes

now, feel you with my soul,

fuck the words,

only don’t mistake me

for someone else.

The trick to unlocking your secrets

is listening to your breath

in deep silence

all the while

I ponder how I wish I could make up my bloody mind

because I know

we were bound to meet

one way or another

and as for 50 shades and chocolates

I have to see it and taste the flavour

to make up my mind

because all these critiques

of love

and movies

are just that.

I actually love Friday the 13th

tonight it’s byob

and no men at our table

only in our hearts.

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