Dearest readers,

I start out by thinking perhaps I’ll write you a quick thank you for reading and blah blah blah but then it’s like lightning strikes and a poem evolves. Inspired by my friend who wants to go see Father John Misty in February and suddenly I’m listening to every lyric as if my life depended on it more than it did on shopping. Should be at the mall, but I’d much rather be here listening to how he writes a novel and how I have a poem. Here goes.

I wrote a novel

it’s not the first

it won’t be my last.

In just a few weeks

you’ll read it too.

I want to thank you

all for connecting



inhaling each word

as passionately as I tap

them out

late at night

or too early in the bloody morning

spewing words like coffee beans.

I can’t possibly read everyone’s blogs

or words

but I try. And I thank you


for stopping by

loving the energy. I’m full of that.

Hardly sleep or eat. Still

in the same body as my teens

don’t ask how God made me this

way, but who knows how the mind

and soul empties its contents

onto this page and how the body

reacts to age. The soul though

it never dies. Relives. Sees more

than we ever can.

I unloaded my truck full

of clothes and food

and cried. Off to charge

thousands on the credit card

and roll around in debt and wine

on my name day.

Well Happy Holidays

my friends and let’s

hope peace is on

everyone’s mind for 2015.

I highly doubt that,

but I know that doubt

is one of my slow killers.

Shine on with your words

and thanks for reading mine.

– Christina Strigas

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