I miss the parts of you
I know nothing about.
There is this void
that will forever be there
since you left

you disappear
reappear in my dreams

visit me from the dead
and Kiss me
ever so

The way you
slip and slide
through my thoughts
like the icy Montreal snow
that covers me up
as I make snow angels
my face looking up at the white sky
tasting snowflakes on my lips
imagining your kisses
reviving me
kicking me off of this pedestal
forever haunting my soul.

I love the sweet dessert
berries and chocolate
as we take turns
in its taste
and murmur
in each others’ ears
our scents mingling
between us.

I will stop now
for it makes you stumble
makes me humble
this growing forest
we’ve planted-
I look up at you
with my eyes
so slanted
with my heart so broken
missing the love
the hands
the pull
the way you care
the fine strands of my hair
in your grip
and the moment
we met.


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