Naked before you with my tight jeans
snug top
blue high heeled sandals
words between us like sand
in an ocean
and you say I make you crazy
while I breakdown
have mid-life breakdown
waiting for sundown
to run into the night
embrace the demons
talk to them
comfort them
control and lose control of them
While you watch my bra strap
come undone
and you stay so close
you never run
to my other side
but you want my bedside
my naked soul
to devour
not just the skin
the game of lose or win
is long gone
play the same song
to feel my heartbeat
my retreat
Into you and your essence.

4 thoughts on “Naked

  1. Very well done, Chrissy.
    I see a selfishness from the partner in this. An insensitivity to your problems with yourself.
    I hope we don’t all do that.
    We need to share more and discuss more and help more.


    1. Thanks Scott for your comment. The beautiful aspect about poetry is we can interpret it however we want. There is no right or wrong. I appreciate the thought. Thanks for reading.


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