An orgasm invites the need to write
to you in the deep dark
depths of my soul
with plenty of alliteration
and metaphors to make your senses
flirt with mine.
I hear that voluptuous voice
it seduces me
into bringing out the demons
pounding against a wall
a chair
a board
a bed
in my head
trying to find
the questions I never asked
or forget the ones I did.

In the bloom
you said you liked my skin
but I forget you now
way before you ever did.

I’ve done bad things
I must confess
I’ve been so good
I must digress
you watch me undress
as I fling the clothes
dance to no tune
it’s my eyes, you say
your tone deep and rough
keep them open
watch me
as I let you do
what you want
everything is forgotten
all your kisses
consume me
and betray me.

I want your kisses to be my breath
as you continue
your entry
into my soul.

Don’t stop.

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