Words need an exit
for writers.
Readers need
an entrance.
Some poems are meant
to be read aloud
lying naked in bed
drinking up each other’s
Inhaling and exhaling words
skipping meals
poets are meant to look
into each other’s eyes
with no sunglasses
no lies.

Eliminate your disguise
and melt with me
onto the sheets
disappear on a break
run from the calls.
Sleeping in another galaxy.
Montreal is perfect
for summer acts
of love
and Art
Now I’ve emptied out my mind
replaced it with your poses.
You could have been
a model
but really
I could not care less
if your eyes were purple
For it is your one thousand year
old soul that speaks
to me
and recognizes our memories.
It could not have been
one mere lifetime
But many.
So many I refuse to breathe.
Disappearing behind
my typewriter
to recall
and write my stories.

8 thoughts on “Needs

  1. I really enjoyed this one, Chrissy. There is a peacefulness that draws one in, the “entrance” of which you spoke. I also like it because it stops short of explicit sexuality. You are a good writer and are able to set a scene without the use of such tools. Until next time!


    1. I’m so humbled, Marie. Truly. I didn’t expect so many people to like this one. I had this idea of a couple being together in many lifetimes and not remembering, but not so sure that came out. Weird how you write one thing sometimes and mean another. Thanks again for your visit. Great day to you!


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