Editing is the part that I detest the most. As a writer, I go with the flow, stream of consciousness, à la Virginia Woolf style of writing, who coined the phrase. I am only fooling myself if I can even come close to her magic. I just want to write and get it out as quickly as possible, but nothing is as easy as people think. When is your book out already?
It’s a slow process, because perfection is part of the secret ingredient in editing. My editor told me something remarkable, she said, Imagine you are telling your story in front of a campfire…you want them engaged in the story, you want them to feel every scene.
Being a bit energetic, restless, and mostly crazy, I took her words to heart and now I imagine a bonfire, a Greek beach, the sunset and me in front, blabbing away, with hand gestures, of course.
So on page three, I found myself reliving my story through someone else’s eyes.
I am beginning to see the light…another two-hundred plus pages to go.
Thank you, Lea, my publisher & editor. You are a godsend.




  1. Marie Hunter Atwood · April 18, 2014

    Chrissy I enjoyed reading your post as well as the very brief section “about Chrissy”. I congratulate you on your successes and wish you well on your future endeavors. I differ in at least one respect in that I don’t mind the editing. I look on it as a step forward. When I can hear within my mind ‘a different,better way of saying’ I feel I have made progress and critically move on to find other such places.


    • Chrissy · April 18, 2014

      Thanks for the warm comment Marie. I guess you have a point too, but it’s just a long process, in general.


  2. vishalbheeroo · April 19, 2014

    Superb advice, Chissy. I also hate editing my stories and quite a painful process, as soon as I’m done, I wanna get out..


  3. Mike · April 20, 2014

    Thanks for giving me this perspective Chrissy.


  4. Vernon · May 19, 2014

    Chrissy I’m currently working on my first novel. I was sharing with my wife ( my biggest fan) last night over dinner that this going to take some time to write because in my mind it’s a movie. What advice would you give a new author? Thanks in advance!


    • Chrissy · May 20, 2014

      Well, Hi Vernon. My advice is to write every day, even if you don’t feel like it. And keep at it. Persistence. Send your manuscript everywhere and blog and tweet.
      I will visit your site soon.
      Thanks for reading.


  5. Vernon · May 20, 2014

    Thanks Chrissy will do!


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