Seduce me

with your poetry and words from a long forgotten era

attach bits of my soul to the commas

float near my aura through space

connect my broken parts

with pen strokes.


I ache for more.


Flatter me and taunt me

like a hunting snake

open up my word bank

you know exactly, precisely

what to say.


I am a mess

a sleepless lover


I feel the emptiness pour out of me

wherever you are not. In my dreams

you are there. In my wake

you are there.


My soul is not taking no for an answer.

16 Comments Add yours

    1. Chrissy says:

      Thanks, my fellow blogger! I aim to please.


  1. graypoet says:

    Very nice. I think I’ll have to go write myself into something to clear this image.


    1. Chrissy says:

      Thank you. So did I inspire you, then?


    1. Chrissy says:

      ThankS so much❤️


    1. Chrissy says:

      Thanks for commenting! I appreciate it.


      1. niksniche says:

        Thank you for following me. I appreciate it! Besides I liked your stuff.


      2. Chrissy says:

        You are so welcome! I will read more of your blog when I have free time!! Have a great night.


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