Alexios & Elysia

Alexios & Elysia # 15



“What do you want me to do?”

Tommy’s eyes lingered on my lips a little too long. “I think you need to go to the ballet,” he said out of nowhere.

“The ballet? Are you serious?”

“I bet you’ve never been,” he smiled.

“Why do you say that?” How the fuck does he know I’ve never been…shit, the mind reading again. “Stop reading my mind!”

“I’m not. I just figured you never had anyone take you. I’m sure vampire shithead never took you,” and Tommy rolled his eyes.

“I don’t need anyone to take me to the ballet. I’m a capable woman. I just never had the chance to go,” I replied, hating my answer instantly as I noticed the smirk on his face and  his blue eyes twinkling like a mischevious child.

“It’s a great place to wear a dress,” Tommy said jokingly.

“You’re a real comedian! So what do you want me to do as a spy?” I asked changing the subject and getting back to the point.

“I just told you what we’re doing. We’re going to the Kirov Ballet. The Russians are the best,” he added.

“But why there?”

“Because we are going to make the hellhound jealous.” He just called Alexios a hellhound. Although it was offensive I wanted to crack up.

“And then?” I quickly asked nervously playing with the ends of my hair.

“He’ll show up and I’ll kill him,” he plainly said looking at me as if I was lost. “You see, bella, if Alexios sees me with you, and this is where your acting skills come in as a spy, he’ll get angry and act irrational, as vampires are known to do. As long as you pretend to be interested in me.” Tommy looked at my attire and added, “I’m sure you can muster up some sex appeal, actualy, the way you are playing with your hair right now is a perfect example of what I want him to see.” He gazed intently at me, “you know exactly how to get a guy hot and bothered.”

I stopped twirling my hair. Part of me wanted to run out of that restaurant and his hair-brained schemes, part of me wanted to continue twirling my strands of hair.


“Wait, don’t tell me to go fuck myself again.”

“You have some nerve, you know that? Now, when are we going?”

“Tomorrow night.”

“You already bought the tickets?”

“I love the ballet.”

“How do you know I was going to go with you?”

“I didn’t,” he looked at the waitress and waved her over.She was there within seconds.

“Two more,” he said, pointing to the empty wine. She looked at him like she wanted to jump him right there and then in front of me.

“Yes, right away,” she said hurrying off.

“I think she likes you,” I laughed.

“The only girl I have to make like me, is you, at least for pretend, that is,” and smiled at me. “He’ll be watching…and we have to pretend to be into each other.” He laid his hands on the table. “Don’t you just love the word pretend? It gives me a pang of excitement.” The waitress arrived and heard his last word and gave me a dirty look.

“Will there be anything else?” she flirted with Tommy.

“No, thanks,” he replied staring at me.

“So, Ellie, are you ready for your closeup?

I wasnt’ ready for anything. The wine made me slightly dizzy and Tommy’s eyes penetrating into mine left my belly all tingly. I didn’t like this feeling. Not one little bit.

He smiled. “You’ll be fine.”

We finished the wine quickly and we went over tomorrow night’s events. We left the restaurant and got into his car. We drove in silence. I tried to block off any thoughts.

“I told you that I won’t read your mind…and I haven’t . I’m a man of my word, Ellie.”

He stopped in front of my house. “Pick you up at seven p.m. sharp tomorrow,” he said and got out of his car and came around to open my door.

“You’re quite a gentleman,” I remarked, gtting out of the car and standing two inches away from him. I felt it immediately. Electricity coarsed through my veins. I stepped back and said a quick bye.

“Don’t forget to wear a dress,” he called out to me as my weak legs carried me to my front steps. I didn’t look back.

Shit, I needed back up.

By Christina Strigas

Christina Strigas is a Canadian poet, raised by Greek immigrants, and has written three poetry books. Her latest, Love & Vodka, has been featured by CBC Books in, “Your Ultimate Canadian Poetry List: 68 Poetry Collections Recommended by you.”
LOVE & METAXA, her fourth poetry book is coming out May 25, 2021.
In her spare time, Christina enjoys foreign cinema, reading the classics, and cooking traditional Greek recipes that have been handed down from her grandmother.

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