It took me two days and ten hours to reply to Alexios. I must have ripped up  at least twenty pages. I couldn’t decide what to write till finally I just settled on opening up my heart a tiny bit, not all the way. I stopped analyzing every word.

Dear Alexios,

     Hello. I keep on reading how you are and what you are dong, and now at last, after eight years I could tell you what has been happening in my dull life. I will start from the last time we met. That day was probably the worst day of my life. I couldn’t think of life without you, yet here I am. I won’t bother you with the mundane details of first dates and my last boyfriend, who turned out to be a two-timing jerk. Remeber, Dima? Well, she got married last year. My parents moved  back to Greece and I haven’t seen them in over a year. I don’t want to go visit and live with them…you know how that would turn out. Fights, fights and more fights. Living alone is not as glamorous as I thought it would be. I tire of the tranquility and not having any company. Poor Dima, is getting quite sick of me. I’m constantly over at her place. Her husband, Tommy, is a sweetheart. I swear, she always had all the luck with guys, while I suffered one heartbreak after another. Yes, you, especially you-my ultimate heartbreak.

     For the past two years I’ve been working as a freelance translator. I work for  mostly pharmaceutical companies. So, I guess my degree wasn’t for “naught” as you used to say. Really, I enjoy it, you know how I love words. 

     You want to visit? I want to see you. I want to sit and drink coffee with you and talk. Do you remember how we used to talk all night long? When I figured out you were a vampire I didn’t say anything to you for days. Instead, I went out to buy Interview with a Vampire. I had known you for five months and I thought you were always acting strange; disappearing for days, not returning my calls, not having an email address or a cell phone…the list is long. Dima had said, you were a prick, but a good-looking one. I didn’t know what to think. I guess when I confronted you and you soon left that was when my heart broke. It was the best six months of my life. I think I see you sometimes.

     If you want to come and visit, please do. I can’t promise you anything but friendship. You are way to old for me…ha! I miss you. I don’t know what else to write so I’ll end with this: looking forward to seeing you again and by the way, I have a thing for Baboushka dolls, in case you were wondering.



I mailed my letter out and didn’t know what kind of response I expected. I had to wait and see. I knew one thing…I was very patient.

4 thoughts on “Alexios & Elysia #2

  1. This is a really absorbing story, Chrissy. I like the letter form. It flows really well. There’s humor and melancholy in her tone that really elicits compassion for her. I’m anxious to read more. Sorry it’s taken me so long to catch up. ;o)


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