Started working on my query letters and my synopsis. It is quite a nightmare. With the amount of information on the internet…it’s easy to get so confused that I’m writing and crossing out every sentence till it all becomes blurry and nonsensical. Not an easy task..and the more query letters I read the more I don’t want to do it.

It is the worst thing imaginaeble. Or is that the synopsis that is worse?? Need help!!

4 thoughts on “Started working on query letters.

  1. I’ve only done one query letter and had no response at all. I know I have to do more…but the task is daunting to say the least! Let me know how you do!


    1. Actually, I sent out everything on Monday…I sent out my manuscript and my cover letter. I had to do some serious research as to how to write it and what to include. Cover letter and query letter is the exact same thing to me.


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